Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding is the term for security manpower. This may involve personnel on access points, events or guarding equipment or valuables, crowd control, scene securing, or personal protection… essentially anything requiring a person!

When utilising Manned guarding the key ingredient is to ensure the personnel supplied are appropriate for the role. This may include a certain personality type, training, or skills that are specific to the clients need.

Alert Security are experts at assessing the client’s needs, identifying the person required, providing the training, and then supplying the right person.

We can supply guards for any situation offering experienced, dependable staff that are specialists in their chosen security field. Our guards have ethical, physical and decision-making training that enables them to deal with any situation that may arise. Our structure for manned guarding allows for support to be available to every guard wherever they may be posted for security duties.

It is very important to ensure the guards you are being supplied have been appropriately vetted by the security company and by yourself.

Our guards undertake a rigorous training and selection process to ensure their suitability to the role as well as giving our company a clear view of their skills, this in turn enables us to train our people with a view to supplying the ideal guard for every situation.

Our training and vetting process involves assessment by our managers and regulatory authorities such as the Gardai to keep only qualifying persons in these roles.


It is the policy of Alert Security to ensure that all employees are fully trained to operate effectively both within the company and the security industry. The owner has been appointed as Training Officer and it is his responsibility to ensure that this policy is fully and effectively implemented.

Company Induction Training
All new employees receive company induction training. This training includes the following:

  •    Introduction to colleagues (where appropriate)
  •    Review of H&S procedures
  •    Review of PSA28:2013 procedures
  •    Review of clients and their requirements
  •    Review of disciplinary procedures
  •    Review of general responsibilities
  •    Review of paperwork (incident reports, activity books etc)

Employees sign an induction training form confirming that they have received this training.

Security Induction Training
Alert Security arranges for its employees to attend FETAC approved Security Industry induction training. This training must be successfully completed by the employee within 13 weeks of commencement of employment. Proof of successful completion must be provided to the owner and appropriate records are maintained.

Supervisory and Specialist Training
Alert Security will ensure that its supervisory staff attend Supervisor Training where appropriate. Where necessary and appropriate, Alert Security will also ensure that specialist training (first aid, fire safety etc) will be provided.

Safe Pass
All Alert Security staff involved in construction sites must attend a Safe Pass training programme.

Site Specific Training
Alert Security insists that all clients provide employees with site-specific induction training, including H&S procedures.

Guards must under go assignment-specific training prior to being allowed to operate the site on their own. The minimum requirement for this training is for the guard to accompany a site experienced guard for 1 shift to familiarise them with the site. Note that this period can be extended depending on individual sites and circumstances. In addition to this, the guard is given a copy of the extensive Assignment Instructions for the site.

Training Records
Appropriate records are maintained in the individual personnel files.

Refresher Training
Alert Security management will monitor the performance of individual guards to assess the need for refresher training. This monitoring can include:

  1.     Meetings and discussions with clients regarding individual guards
  2.     Reports from area managers
  3.     Review of paperwork (incident reports, activity reports etc)
  4.    Annual review of all training records and competencies

Where a training need has been identified, Alert Security will ensure that this need is addressed as quickly as possible.