Key Holding

Key Holding

Alert Security operates a key holding service for a number of sites, both residential and commercial.

The Mobile Patrol officer is responsible for this procedure.

All keys are coded to ensure that location details remain secure. The mobile patrol officer keeps a copy of the code details (separate to the actual keys) and a second copy is located in the key register which is locked in the office when not in use.

The keys are secured in a lockable container while in the mobile patrol vehicle.

In the event of the mobile patrol being notified of an alarm at a premises, the patrol will go to the premises and conduct an external check to look for signs of a break in. If the external of the building seems secure, they will enter the building and carry out a thorough check. If the building is secure, they will reset the alarm and record all details in the activity sheet.

If there are signs of a break-in, the patrol will immediately contact the owner and the Gardaí. The patrol officer will not enter the building unaccompanied.

Keys will be returned to the client upon a written request to Alert Security.