Alarm Response

Alarm Response

Alert Security provide a 24 hour manned security alarm response service. Once we receive data as transmitted to us from your alarm system or provider, it is then immediately relayed to our security staff for individual assessment.

We work to your individual instructions for each event. This could be to call you at home, work, via mobile phone or for us to dispatch our security patrol operation. For verified burglary multiple activations we automatically inform the local Garda station.

For security patrol operations, we have patrols positioned to be able to provide rapid alarm response services. A further patrolman assigned to a neighbouring area will provide an immediate back-up should there be any unforeseeable delays. Should a violation to the integrity of the property be ascertained, a security officer will remain on site until this is re-secured. We can co-ordinate locksmith’s, glaziers and other services on your behalf.

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Alert Security Can Provide Alarm Monitoring in the following sectors…

Residential Security
Burglar Alarms / Fire – Smoke Alarms / Panic – Duress alarms / Medical Alarms – Security Alarm Monitoring.

Commercial Security
Burglar Alarms / Fire – Smoke Alarms / Panic – Duress alarms / Un-Authorised After-Hours Access – Security Alarm Monitoring.

Industrial Security
Burglar Alarms / Fire – Smoke Alarms / Un-Authorised After-Hours Access / Plant & Equipment – Security Alarm Monitoring.