About us

About us

Alert Security was formed in 1986. Over the past 25 years the business has grown in size and reputation to its current standing as being one of the leading security companies in the South and South-East.

Alert Security offers a wide range of security services including:

Founder and Managing Director, Ger Hickey prides himself in providing a high quality and totally professional service to his clients. Alert Security has a hands on and personal approach which sometimes can be missing from larger companies. Our fully skilled and retail/commercial security professionals are on hand to deliver a cost effective and total security solution to make your premises much safer. Alert’s Patrol Division can respond quickly to false alarms as well as genuine breaches of security at your business. Our Mobile Patrol Services an excellent deterrent against security breaches for sites where 24 hour static security is not necessary. This can be economically effective solutions as the cost can be shared between several businesses in one area.

Alert Security has an extensive list of clients. Many of these contracts date back over 25 years, which is testament to the quality of service provided by Ger and the team. Alert Security has developed an operational manual which outlines their procedures and policies and again, this is evidence of their professional approach to the provision of security. The manual is reviewed regularly to ensure it remains up to date and accurate.

Alert Security are currently expanding their operations in the Munster area. A member of our team would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your current security needs and recommend a customised security structure to fill your current security requirements.